the eSpeRs

‘The vocals, energy, sound and rhythm are outstanding. Without exception this is one of the best sounds I have heard for some time.’ Phil Greenwood

Hi there were the eSpers, a 5-piece originals band hailing from Kent. This band needs to move forward, we are ready to take the next step to showcasing our music to a wider audience. We need someone to recognize our potential and help us take the right steps. Gigging and recording are our priorities and we invite you to help us on our journey by promoting us.


One of the most unassuming bands you’ll ever hear the eSpeRs have set out to captivate audiences with there melodic and unique sound.
Since forming in 2004 the band has evolved into a core line-up listed below. The bands have made strides in 2006 playing with such artists as Dave migden and the dirty words, Jonas three and zipper face. Audiences have been left dazzled by the bands variety and dynamic material.
June saw the band embark on there first E.P ‘ First comes love second come accidents’ (included). The band takes influences of such acts as Led zeppelin, muse, the verve, and radiohead. They fuse rock and blues elements to form there sound.

Band line-up
Dawn Atkinson Lead vocals Dawn blends talents of musical performance and creative writing together to form her innovative approach to the band

Chris Lucas: Bass guitar
Chris blends both supporting and soloistic bass lines to form the bands engaging sound. He also is one of the bands main writers

Olly Stevenson

Olly has a unique approach to his playing and brings to the band heart felt keyboard and piano parts, his almost guitar like solo’s give a distinct sound to the band

Neil Cornwell

Founding member Neil is the main driving force behind the band brining not only the songs but also the bands sound as well. His heart felt guitar lines and live performance are not to be missed


Ellen’s creates the dynamic underlay for the bands sound. Her fills and groove make her very different from most drummers.

Mobile numbers
Chris 07951542679



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