The Top Ten

  1. Grant Wiscour and the Infidels [Country]
    6.97 (from 7144 votes)
  2. Boyce Edwards Band [Southern Rock]
    5.66 (from 1854 votes)
  3. Frank Rothery 2 [Country]
    5.47 (from 15 votes)
  4. one life [Acoustic]
    5.29 (from 161 votes)
  5. Cheetah Palomina [Country]
    5.28 (from 174 votes)
  6. Heather Jackson [Country]
    5.26 (from 631 votes)
  7. Coming By Day [Christian]
    5.26 (from 425 votes)
  8. GenOh! [Indie]
    5.25 (from 528 votes)
  9. The RETRO RIDERS [Country]
    5.25 (from 663 votes)
  10. The Search for Cecil Basoo [Alternative]
    5.19 (from 111 votes)

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