Songwriting Ideas

Chord progressions

Stuck for a chord sequence for part of a song, try reversing another progression from the song, or take some part of another progression reverse it and cycle that. Try doubling or halving the time spent on each chord.

Instrument choice

Try a different instrument - you might play something that inspires you.

If you are writing on a guitar, try a capo - this can cause different chord voicings and harmonics. Alternatively try a different tuning, for example open G (DGDGBD) or open D (DADF#AD).

Be prepared

You never know when an idea might come, keep a notebook handy, that way you can write down prospective song titles, lyrics and chord progressions.

Or if you can afford it, a dictaphone can be great for quickly recording melody ideas and lyrics. Some of the newer mobile phones have voice recorders on, so if you are lucky enough to have one use it.

Time signatures

Try a different time signature, e.g. 3/4.


Utilise rhyming - rhyming is a technique that gives your listeners a sense of resolution, but don't over use it. Stuck for a rhyme you can buy rhyming dictionaries.


Consider co-writing - two heads are better than one, it worked for Lennon and McCartney!


Study some books on songwriting - see a selection here


Once you've created your song - upload it to this site!


If you've got some tips you'd like to share with the Rate My Band community then please let us know

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