Best Apps for Musicians

There truly is a smartphone or tablet app for just about anything you can think of. While phones and tablets may not be a substitute for real musical instruments, there are many apps that can make the life of a musician much easier.

Here are ten of the best apps for musicians.

1) Garage Band – Exclusively on iPhone and iPad, Garage Band has been around as an application on Macs for years. This user-friendly audio editing app is great for creating a complete song. Eight tracks per song can be recorded, and effects can be applied to tracks individually.

2) Cleartune – Instead of having to remember to bring a tuner with you to gig, why not have one already on your phone? This app is an easy-to-use and accurate tuner that can be used to tune most instruments. It also includes a pitch pipe, in case you have an a capella gig.

3) Setlist Monkey – For the musician with gigs, Setlist Monkey lets you create setlists then use these setlists to coordinate band rehearsals and shows. The setlists can also be easily shared with band members. This app also includes a metronome, eliminating the need to have a separate metronome app.

4) ProChords – This is an excellent app for the songwriter. Simply input the first chord of your song into ProChords, and it will show you an extensive list of possible chords that can be used next in progression. The further along in your song you get, the more the app will adapt its suggestions.

5) Beat Maker – This app is a tad pricey at $19.99, but it is an extensive music production app. Beat Maker is integrated with nearly 200 instruments, and has tools that let you compose, edit, record, and add effects to songs, giving your original pieces a professional sound.

6) Karajan – If you are interested in learning more about reading music and sight reading, Karajan is like a music theory teacher in your pocket. The interactive app lets you train and test yourself on chords, scales, intervals and more.

7) Discovr Music – Most successful musicians are up to date on the latest music out there. Discovr Music lets you be the person who is introducing friends to the hottest new band. Simply enter an artist you currently like, and based on this the app will introduce you to other artists you may not have heard of before.

8) Animoog – For the electronic music artist, Animoog is a synthesizer app that rivals professional synthesizers. It comes with a jam packed library of effects and timbres that allow even the most savvy electronic music artists create amazing and unique pieces.

9) Djay – For those interested in getting into the DJ scene, djay is a great app for you. It allows for creative mashups of popular songs, and even has digital turntables you can scratch records on. It is user friendly enough for a novice, yet sophisticated enough for a professional.

10) Notion – This notation editor app lets you create music on your iPad, then playback your creation with audio samples from the London Symphony Orchestra. This app is great for when you get an idea for a song in your head and want to record a sample quickly.

There are many more musical apps out there as well, and which apps you get the most use out of depends on the type of music you play. Some of these can get a tad pricey for an app, but compared to how much people spend when they buy musical instruments, apps that allow you to get the most out of these instruments are well worth the price.

Chad Siemer is a content writer and marketing consultant for music stores like Musicians Buy.

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