Back in 1994 at the height of Boy band Mania, Leicesters' answer 'The Next Step' were forming a large fan base in the Midlands area and as time went on they spread the word across the U.K, in many areas they were regarded as the next big "Thing". The Boys, Dave Leadingham, Phill Voss, Steve Cooper and Jon Young were flying from one end of the country to the other, the travelling and word spreading didn't cease... Many will remember the Big School tour of Leicester, Two massive Y Theatre performances, Mayfair(London) shows, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield... to name but a few... along with the radio interviews and many newspaper appearances.. Unfortunately though, at a crucial turning point in the bands future, circumstances beyond their control forced the band to split... Since three of the band members Jon, Dave and Steve all remained close and in touch.. In 2008 after interest from many of the Bands former fans 'The Next Step' decided to regroup for a writing and recording session... The Outcome...... (Forever) Young The first new track recorded and produced by The Next Step since 1994, So sit back and enjoy...



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