First and foremost im a born again Christian .. am completley living for Jesus and i am confident i will suceed in fulfilling his destiny for me..... i have completely changed my life and would like to help people do the same an introduce them to the one being that can show them how to choose life .. Jesus Christ ....... i have been spitting for about 6 months now and i feel i am finally starting to write and rap to how i knew i could ... look out for new stuff.....the main reason i want to make music is to spread the word and also to try and change the mindset of current grime/ hip hop artists .. from when i see videos of 12 year olds spittin bars about guns and shanks i know something needs to be done I would love to hear from more christian artists from any genre who would like to do collabs or even just give me advice till then im out God bless ya's :D



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