This band of brothers are not only fantastic friends, a great night out and musically talented in their roles, RE:SESSION are an Indie Pop-Rock Act with chemistry on the stage emitting an energy which is felt by all in any venue they perform in. Smiles cross over the faces of every watcher because you can empathise their own love for what it is they are doing.
Their main number is Get Away. A slightly progressive Indie style tune which is sweet with such an uplifting feel sprinkled with rock dust and an injection of rap. It's a big crowd pleaser and definitely a sign for bigger stages to come after their London gig @ The O2 Arena. It's a HUGE task for a new and unsigned group and very much a privilege as well as being a sign of potentially being an extremely successful act.
Neil Davison is the main driver of this journey from the middle of nowhere. An accomplished guitarist with good head for sound and structure, his playing abilities are that of the greats such as Satriani and Vai. With other influences akin to Coldplay and Radiohead the songs he writes are melodic, meaningful and they can also really rock.
The flowing bassline is brought to us by a very versatile gentleman. Drummer/singer/rythym guitarist, Andy Biff. He takes his playing very seriously and the fluent hummings in the background occasionally bounce out and fill out the songs even further.
Chris George has progressed fantastically after taking the frontman role from near nothingness to a band heading for glory. He can certainly hit a note and bellow out a harmonious scream between his gravelly yet sultry tone. Their version of Journey's Don't Stop Believing is a fine example. A well received rendition. His advances from the early gigging days to the recent recordings show awesome potential in the great scheme of things to come.
The time-keeper of the band has overcome the initial battle with confidence to play the drums due to the fact that you would not normally ask him to do a drum roll. Jonny Stumpster Eames is the one armed drummer with an electronic/acoustic hybrid kit. To "keep time" or provide a steady tempo and rhythmic foundation takes a certain skill. That is Jonny's.
RE:SESSION are proud to have recently performed at London's O2 Arena in the grand final of the Live & Unsigned Battle of the Bands competition.
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