Porcelain Junkie

Porcelain Junkie has been a solo artist from the start of 2009.
If anyone in the music business, anyone at all, is interesed in my music then I would love to hear from them. Also, any musicians in the Nottingham area who would like to become part of Porcelain Junkie, get in touch. Or if you like what you hear and just want to give me some feedback/advice, feel free.
My first EP "Talking With Fireworks" has been recorded in my "home studio" (a bedroom, a 12 track, a keyboard, a few guitars, and a £20 microphone). The EP focuses on unrequited feeling for various people (predictable I know, but something I've needed to get off my chest). My goal was to make the EP as intimate as possible as well as having a stadium sound. Although stretched with my resources, I'm proud of what has been created. Hopefully one day these songs can be recorded more professionally once I have funds.
A 2nd installment of the EP is currently being written and recorded (inventively named Talking With Fireworks Part II), drawing on a similar sound and theme.
My 3rd EP is also half written, due to be titled Evallyn's Vineyard. This will take a more folky poppy approach, contemplating generic society and ideas on how we could live.
My live performances are so far non-existant. Once I move to Nottingham I'm hoping to set up the full band to bring my songs to life. For the meantime, I'm doing acoustic sets, consequently, I've recorded an acoustic version of the Talking With Fireworks EP.
I'm on myspace-www.myspace.com/porcelainjunkieuk.
For more professional queries mail me at porcelainjunkie@yahoo.co.uk.
I'm in the midst of setting up a Facebook page.
Many thanks,
Porcelain Junkie



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