Nicole Jane

Three brothers. One group. The mission? World domination. Enter the room, Nicole Jane.
Nicole Jane are a vocal trio consisting of brothers, Jace B Carreira, Alfie-J Carreira, and Dieu Carreira. The three brothers came from a musical background, growing up listening to Soul/Latin/pop music developing a huge thirst to perform and make great music through singing in their local church which groomed the strength and spirit in their vocal approach.
Officially forming as a musical collective in 2006, Nicole Jane capped off the year by winning the best the Official UK Unsigned Contest; a nationwide talent competition each year attracts tens of thousands of musicians across all genres from all over the UK competing to be crowned the best unsigned act in the country.
Following the victory at the Official UK Unsigned Contest, the buzz had started and Nicole Jane were called to support major USA R&B superstars Ne-Yo and Timberland on their UK tours. Multi-platinum selling star Lemar got word of Nicole Jane?s buzz and requested they join him on his UK album tour. NJ were literally blowing away audiences with their high energy shows on stage with their pitch perfect vocals and innovative performances. The climax came after their supporting performance at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo when the venue manager stated "In my 30 years of managing I have not seen such a reception for some major artists let alone a support act, you have truly out classed the main artist". By the end of 2007, Nicole Jane had performed over 500 shows to a combined audience estimated at 550,000 people.
By the time 2008 had started, Nicole Jane?s show stealing reputation had reached Europe where they spent the majority of the year touring all over countries including Russia, Romania, the Czech Republic to name a few, earning the nickname ?The Great Nicole Jane? by all who experienced their live shows in the often impossible market to penetrate. 2008 also saw the group rise to even greater heights by being crowned the number one unsigned R&B pop group by MySpace with over 2 million plays on their page. All without a major label push. It?s no wonder that by the end of 2008, Nicole Jane had gone from supporting the headlining acts in Europe to becoming the headline act at festivals across Europe and becoming regulars on European television and radio.
Nicole Jane have made appearances on MTV base and various other music channels. They have received regular airplay from the UK's leading radio stations including Choice FM, Galaxy Network, Kiss FM, Radio 1, 1Xtra and all the leading specialist shows on ILR, Digital, community, URL and pirate radio stations.
Nicole Jane are currently in the studio recording their debut album ?Searching 4 Nicole? and will shortly be releasing their new single ?Is It Me? to the masses along with a nationwide tour to support the release in autumn 2009. With a no.1 MySpace song reaching over one million plays with ?From the Heart? to performing on an international stage independently is nothing short of outstanding. To achieve what Nicole Jane have done in such a short time is simply breathtaking. With a work ethic that is unrivalled, along with flamboyant showmanship and soulful vocal delivery all supported by great songs, it?s no wonder Nicole Jane say they want to be remembered as three brothers who sang and did everything ?From the Heart??





Hey it TIlly...Hope you rememeber me from Lemars concert prb wont lol. U guys rock loving ur music and style!!XXX

crazy jen

i got to dance with fitty lushness dieu was ace and smelt awsume tehe lol love ur music hope ur gunna be big one day tehe XxXxXx


hammersmith on the 9th was amazing! loved every second! xxx


Love ur band


Bitchy yeh i may be slightly, onli cuz i dnt no how to say FukU politely

Jodie x

Amazing! saw nj in norwich suporting lemar, they wer all so good! my new fav band! lov them!

Amelie Andrea

lucky bastards!


Saw you support Lemar in Manchetser lastnight (16th March) you were superb!


Saw you support Lemar last night in Sheffield...thought you were fantastic, can't wait to see more of you!


saw the guys last nyt at lemar in cambridge! fort they were wkd wld love to support em on their journey sure they will b very big soon!!!!!!!!


Saw you in Sheffield last night (19th March) - excellent!


Saw the band last night! Fantastic!!

Jo Lansell

just saw you guys at the Lemar concert in Leicester, you were amazing!


love ya, im with myspace but not sure if his is different!!xx


love you Nicole Jane


Saw you at Lemar in Cambridge 25th March and you was wicked!!!xx


What a band!! Amazing :-)


Saw you boys supporting Lemar the other night and me and the girlfriend loved every second of it! Your version of Wifey was awesome!


where can i buy the cd??


saw you guys preform with lemar in sheffield just thought id say you are awsome definatly the next big thing!


Saw you last night at Lemar's Nottingham gig - thought you were great. Looking forward to hearing more from you.


I love you guys !!!!!!


Love ya!


u waz well gd at cardiff


absolutely awsome at Lemar's Nottingham gig last night


ive seen dem at lemar concer dey were wikid


I also saw you at Manchester you were awesome!! Not sure what the other woman and the man with the guitar supporting Lemar were doing there but Nicole Jane were by far the best!!! Can't wait to see more of you...your version of wifey was wicked!!!


you are fab i seen you last night at lemar. i will suport you all the will. hope there will be an album soon. you are great


love ya


Was at the Lemar concert in Clyde Auditorium tonight (Wed 21st March 2007) and was very impressed by the performance of Nicole Jane


Saw there set last night before Lemar came on - thought there were gggrreeeatttt!!


saw you support lemar you were amasing reminded me of jagged edge in meany way hope you go far jay


cool group


Saw you supporting were fantastic. Can't wait to see more :D


Seen the band supporting Lemar on the 21st March... amazing! x

Welsh Chica

Love your music, love your style, love you!

Julie G

Watched these guys support Lemar at Oasis Swindon 6th April.Great sound! Keep it coming bros!!


you were fab with lemar at nottingham


Love you guys!!!


Saw NJ live in Newcastle 20th March supporting Lemar. Awsome performance great to meet the guys.


U R AMAZN!!!! saw u in bristol, the audience loves u!!! xxx


Great warm up to Lemar on Saturday


i had my pic tuk wid u last nyt nd told all my m8s how amazing u were! loveyou lots! xo



Chi Chi

3 Well buff singers with top voices, What more can a girl ask for?


was at the neyo concert... and 1 word is all it needs - AMAZING

sarah j

saw you guys supporting lemar at norwich uea last night and you were fantastic! Would definately like to know when you're coming home to kent!


luv em!! saw them at hammersmith apollo 9th april. fab and sexy


Saw nicole jane supporting Lemar and they were absolutely amazing! love ya xx


I would like to buy a cd if you have one


Saw you all on the 25th March and you were great !!!


Saw you at the Lemar gig at the UEA on Monday night (2 April). You guys were great... can't wait to hear more


Saw you last night (10th April) supporting Lemar in HAmmersmith - SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!


i also saw you at Lemar on the 16/03, just wanted to say i thought you were great!


Saw you last night in Cambridge and thought you were fantastic...can't wait to hear more from you.


I think you have lovely voices & i would love to be kept informed of what you're upto, when singles coming out etc...


Saw you guys at Lemar last nite (10th April) at Hammersmith. Thought you were amazin! cant wait to c more of u.


im a massive fan. would love 2 hear any news about ya's. luv ya all lots. 3 of the fittest men and greatest singers.

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