New Age Syndrome

The band started out as a 4 piece, it's members were Joe Gibson, Andrew Tanner, Martin Gill and Kyle Riley. At it's first gig the first 4 songs were Bullet in the Head, Megalomaniac, Open your eyes and other covers. After that gig there was a member changeover and Martin Gill left and was replaced by Jason Corner on Bass.
After a while, Joe and Tanner stumbled across an unknown talent known as Nathan Harrison who proceeded to jam with the band. A few weeks after this collaboration was made the band found out that Nathan was moving to Scotland with his family. At that point Joe and Tanner quickly got Nay in to do a guest gig before he moved away. It was here that Whitewall was born.
At that point Whitewall did three gigs on consecutive nights and even gained an encore whilst they were supporting someone else.
After the success of those gigs Nathan moved to Scotland causing the band to split into 2 groups, one did originals, and the other did covers. This caused unrest in the band resulting in Tanner leaving.
After Tanner had left the band struggled on until Nay came back from Scotland to rejoin the band. Some time afterwards another talent emerged from a shy retiring aspiring manager of the band. Joe Brook turned into an ever present at band practise and through a mistimed story about a dream he once had the name Bridget was born. After trying out for a singer the band couldn't seem to find anyone that they felt fit with the style they were trying to achieve. After a "karaoke" session Bridget showcased his singing skills and shortly after the band asked him to join.
After some time the band went through a difficult patch and after a number of gigs things were getting worse resulting in Jason and Kyle leaving the band to go to college thus leaving Whitewall without a bassist and drummer.
During this period of hiatus, Nathan, Joe and Bridget continued to write songs and posting advertisements looking for a rythm section. Not long had passed when a message came through from James Cook informing us that he could play bass and if we were interested could he come and try out, which we happily said yes. He was subsequently drafted into the band, and after a few weeks Cooky mentioned that he knew a drummer called Sarah York. She came down to practise for a couple of weeks and was also drafted in.
Now that the band was successfully reformed we knuckled down and got some serious writing done and we decided that the band needed a new name. After many many MANY attempts at finding a name we finally settled on the one we have now...... NEW AGE SYNDROME.
After alot of succesful gigs, one of the guitarists - nay, decided to leave which left the band as a four piece. We have had to rewrite our songs and come up with a new set list, with a tide of gigs coming our way.. we are ready to ROCK!

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