Georges Kaplan Presents...

Georges Kaplan Presents... are a musical duo hailing from the twisting streets of London, who in all things take their cue from their hero and mentor, the ever illusive Georges Kaplan. A man of infinite mystery, very little is known about Georges' true identity save for his love of a hot tempo and a predilection for cheap bourbon. Forever on the run, with only his wits to keep him alive he always knows how to keep one step ahead. A hustler? A master manipulator? A mere illusion? No one can say, although those who claim to know him best simply marvel at his impeccable taste and incalculable talent in outwitting any would-be detractors.
In much the same way Georges Kaplan Presents... breaks through the all too narrow confines of contemporary culture, careering across musical boundaries with a sense of style and musical acumen that is all too easily lost this day in age. No one knows what keeps them on course in their joyride into previously unexplored areas of the musical landscape. Only Georges can tell you for sure, if you can catch him that is. But as far as these guys are concerned nothing is sacred and everything is fair game. Beg, Borrow or Steal, it's all the same to them. A New Orleans Blues, A Hungarian Folk Song, Rock and/or Roll and the countless other riches that music has to offer are all there for the taking. After all survival comes at a cost. They're prepared to take the risk and do what it takes to stay one step ahead...'



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