Circle Round The Park

Since starting in September 2006 Circle Round The Park are finally finding where they are supposed to be. A first demo was done which showcased the bands first 3 songs that they wrote, but this didnt really show what the band were about.
6 months on and a new demo is being recorded, as yet Untitled but the title doesn't matter. What will be released is a CD of a band knowing where they want to go and this really being the beginning of it all. So many influences from so many artists and so many things all coming together for the first time.
Circle Round The Park will hopefully be playing as many shows as they can get and will be playing their heart out at every one. If we are playing near you please come and see, we will try not to disappoint. If you want us near you then tell us, or let a guy who puts on gigs know about us.

If you want to book Circle Round The Park contact us over myspace and we will most definetely play for you.



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