Cheetah Palomina

Cheetah Palomina's sound lies stranded between old school country and a heavy rock, between the rural tug of his roots and the unbridled energy he finds within himself today. His influences include Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and George Jones but go beyond traditional country to the sounds of Slobberbone, Drive By Truckers, Supersuckers and a little of everything in between. Cheetah's unique deep baritone voice has earned him a reputation as one of country's most authentic voices. Having already shared the stage with such artists as Austinรข's own Dale Watson, the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Moot Davis and the diverse Kid Rock to name just a few, Cheetah is well on his way to international acclaim. He can currently be found stomping around the honky-tonks of Nashville, TN. or Bakersfield, CA. Cheetah's hillbilly honky-tonk sound is bound to create a genre all its own, astounding audiences with uncompromising heartfelt music and unforgettable lyrics. After a brief 3 year stint as lead guitarist for the infamous Chicken, Cheetah decided to get back to writing and performing his own music. Creating the supergroup under the same name in 2003 and releasing the full length recording, Serve It Warm, he has been writing and touring steadily with nationality in his sights. Cheetah was born and raised in Kansas. As his parents listened to 8-tracks of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and The Carpenters, Cheetah picked up the guitar and was immediately drawn to playing. Joining his first band at fourteen, Cheetah honed his guitar and stage presence skills into the unmistakable style and form he exhibits today. Going through Country, Rock, and Grunge, he has found his way full-circle back to the styles and sounds he grew up with in the dusty fields of Kansas. "Fantastic hardcore hellbilly and sure-fire Bakersfield honky-tonk. With powerful chops and strong lyrics these boys rock the house down. They call themselves a mix of "old school country and heavy rock," but the sound is pure gold. Definitely a band worth watching out for." -Kathy Coleman/Take Country



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