Boyce Edwards Band

The Boyce Edwards Band mainly consist of three brothers and a life long friend. The oldest of the Three brothers, Boyce, the singer/songwriter of the band plays electric ryhthm electric guitar. Dustin, the middle brother plays the drums and percussion, Toby, the youngest brother thumps the bass and sing harmony vocals. The other addition to the band is Hiram Moon, "straight from the hills of Kentucky." Hiram plays lead guitar and he used to drive the van until we found out he didn't have a drivers lisence. The most important part of the band, Melody- The Van. Keeps us rolling from town to town putting on a show for all you great people.





Will be going to Texas alot this summer, want to get your play dates and venues. Love your music, are you coming to Southern California at all?

Corey Henderson

Hey Moon, what the hell is up. This is the Corey that used to work at journey's when you were a security guard in the mall in Tyler. I heard your stuff and you guys rock it. Let me know any upcoming dates of concerts or something cause I want to see ya'l


Hey, Boyce is the only one I know, but you boys are doing great. I got the C.D. and love it. Can't say enough about it coming from a guy I remeber as my 7th grade quarterback.

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