Black Acid Flashbacks

Black Acid Flashbacks are a live wire five-piece Alternative Rock band taking the Stages of Sydney in a flurry of heavy riffs and groove. Heavily influenced by, Grinspoon, Helmet and Rage Against The Machine.
Mick - Vocals Julian - Guitar Tomo - Guitar Lachlan - Bass Dan - Drums
Like some wild-eyed, self-confessed prophet, vocalist Mick Ryan spits out his post punk, passionate rant and soaring melodies, while guitarist Tomo lays down the sort of riffage where you find your self jumping uncontrollably, as Julian on Lead Guitar creates melodies that leave the fastest gun slingers in the west for dead. And throughout, the lock-steady rhythm-section of Bassist Lachlan and Drummer Dan deliver the kind of grooves you can feel in your gut.



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