Beyond the Element

Our influences range from early 90s grunge to todays metalcore scene. With Powerful Vocals, Beautifully Written guitar peices and a grooving rhythm section, Beyond The Element finds a way to mix these all together to create something beautiful and emotional, music that will leave an impression. Each member has come from years of musical background, studying the art of music, performing with previous bands, all on different paths, until all those paths came together, with so many of the same influences and opinions on the music scene, it felt as though they had been destined to create together. Debuting in 2008, this band has hit the ground running and has achieved alot of success in a short time, from headlining shows, to successfully releasing their full length debut album, as well as receiving some radio airplay on Philadelphia's biggest radio station. This band is driven by their love of rock and roll and their dedication to performance shows that, writing and creating music for the rest of their days is the dream they are trying to achieve.




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