Random Band Name Generator

Whether you are after a name for your Metal band, your Techno group, your Hip Hop crew, your Goth Band or your Bluegrass combo - Rate My Band is here to help with our random band name creator.

Here's a selection of randomly created bandnames, to generate some more either refresh the page or press the button labeled "Generate Some More". You can choose either general, metal, techno or bluegrass names.

  1. Dark Standard
  2. Chops Target
  3. Empire Lovelorn
  4. Vitamin Cleaner
  5. Light Welfare
  6. Climax Spooky
  7. Brotherhood Atomic

Choose a genre

General Techno
Metal Goth
Bluegrass Hip-Hop/Rap
Prog Rock Emo

Please note we cannot guarantee the random band names generated are not already in use by another band, it's up to you to find this out.

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